Welcome to Chair Tips New Zealand, your go-to spot for chair leg protectors that redefine furniture care. We're not your run-of-the-mill business – we're a family-owned outfit with over 20 years in the game.

Let's meet the brains behind Chair Tips: Mr. Michael K.Cooper, our visionary CEO who pours his heart into everything we do. With an eye for innovation, Mr. K.Cooper has crafted chair leg protectors that are more than just practical – they're a game-changer for your furniture vibe.

Chair Tips New Zealand is our latest gig, inspired by the love we got from our Aussie mates. Their 800+ five-star reviews gave us a push to spread our wings and hit the scenic lands of New Zealand.

But enough chit-chat. Our chair leg protectors are top-notch. We obsess over every detail, using the best stuff out there to keep your floors scratch-free and your furniture screech-less. And guess what? They look pretty sleek too.

Imagine gliding across your floors, knowing our protectors have got your back (or rather, your chair legs). No more cringing at ugly marks or annoying noises – with Chair Tips, your home becomes a peaceful oasis.

What sets us apart? Our growing tribe of happy customers.

To us, you're more than just buyers – you're part of the Chair Tips fam. From browsing our site to decking out your furniture, we're all about giving you a top-notch experience. Our customer service rocks, and so do our products.

So, here's the deal: let's shake up furniture care, one chair leg at a time. Welcome to Chair Tips New Zealand, where protection meets style, and where we're all about making you smile.

Get ready to fall in love with your furniture again. Say goodbye to scratches and screeches – we've got this. Cheers to smooth sailing ahead! 🎉